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Thread: Congress People That Have Donated to Trump's Emoluments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herodotus View Post
    Kind of like how Joe Biden doesn't receive pay for his pro Ukrainian nazi views, but his son Hunter does.
    Joe Biden isn't President
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    No, you are missing my point. When Joe Biden was VP his son Hunter got a job as an executive officer for Ukraine's largest gas syndicate, and despite the White House's press secretary's assurances that there was no conflict of interest, Biden became an absolute shitbag warhawk after his son started raking in money.

    At the time a whole lot of Trumplodytes were outraged, and they still use Biden's acts as justification to not vote Biden. FWIW, they are correct in this. However, much like Biden could say well I never took money from Ukraine, Trump is saying I handed my businesses over to my kids. We both know that both are still getting cash when they are not supposed to and my point is that both are wrong, and it is not okay to say well its okay to get money as long as its my guy doing so. AB is basically saying the same thing the White House press sec said in 2015 about Joey Bananas, and yet he is okay with the Trump fam making money off shady deals whereas he probably feins outrage when Biden makes money off of shady deals.

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