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Thread: Dem President Hopefuls "Fighting for the Middle Class" While Courting the Wealthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by SackMan518 View Post
    The best part is that she's not even black and her family owned slaves!

    I was saving an entire thread on that if she ever looked viable(I think Tulsi already KOed her....earning the most googled person for a second straight debate, after she KOed Tim "paul" Ryan in the first). And unlike Obongo, she is married to a ***, making her seem even less AA than him, if that's possible. It wouldn't matter, except that that is her only real selling point, lol.

    Her own father disavowed her after she blasphemed their nation trying to sound cool in an answer about cannabis. This is why some of the TDSers refuse to even support anyone, they are all easy to dismantle.
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