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Thread: Remember Faceapp?

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    Remember Faceapp?

    Remember how Senator Chucky "Cheese" Schumer and the intel community, whose words Meathead takes as Gospel (I am willing to bet he was in favor of the Iraq invasion too), said that we all need to be afraid that the Russians are using Faceapp to gather data on us. Well, some of us - most specifically myself - warned that the faceapp scandal was something of a distraction from surveillance programs our government and large internet and telecommunications were using agains the American people. Some years ago, Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight, not really a right wing source no matter what meatbag would like to depict him as, said Obama gave Trump a dictator's toolkit. So really its no surprise that Trump and many senators and representatives, in a bipartisan fashion, are moving to push for renewal of the 2015 Freedom Act. So what is the Freedom Act:

    Well according to CNet:

    The Trump administration has reportedly asked Congress to permanently reauthorize all provisions of the USA Freedom Act, including a controversial National Security Agency program that collects and analyzes records on millions of Americans' calls and texts in an attempt to thwart terrorists.

    In a letter, dated Wednesday, to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee, outgoing Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats acknowledged that the NSA call record program had been suspended but urged Congress to extend its legal authority anyway, according to The Hill.

    As technology changes, our adversaries' tradecraft and communications habits will continue to evolve and adapt," Coats wrote in the letter, according to The Hill. "In light of this dynamic environment, the Administration supports reauthorization of this provision as well."
    More at

    I don't know about you, but I am far more concerned about the very real domestic surveillance our intel community -whose words Meatbag takes as gospel truth - than I am about alleged Russian data mining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herodotus View Post
    Remember how Senator Chucky "Cheese" Schumer and the intel community, whose words Meathead takes as Gospel (I am willing to bet he was in favor of the Iraq invasion too), said that we all need to be afraid that the Russians are using Faceapp to gather data on us
    That's the hilarious part. We have more to fear from our own homegrown tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others that I suspect were funded by alphabet agencies than we have to fear from the Russians. Facebook was just caught transcribing audio messages through their messenger service. It wasn't specifically done by them but by a contractor which is how I assume they skirt their own rules. They can claim that they don't share your data but hire a contractor to do the dirty work for them.

    Facebook Paid Contractors to Transcribe Audio of Its Users' Conversations

    Facebook Inc. has been paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services, according to people with knowledge of the work.

    The work has rattled the contract employees, who are not told where the audio was recorded or how it was obtained — only to transcribe it, said the people, who requested anonymity for fear of losing their jobs. They’re hearing Facebook users’ conversations, sometimes with vulgar content, but do not know why Facebook needs them transcribed, the people said.

    Facebook confirmed that it had been transcribing users’ audio and said it will no longer do so, following scrutiny into other companies. “Much like Apple and Google, we paused human review of audio more than a week ago,” the company said Tuesday. The company said the users who were affected chose the option in Facebook’s Messenger app to have their voice chats transcribed. The contractors were checking whether Facebook’s artificial intelligence correctly interpreted the messages, which were anonymized.

    Imagine what else they're doing.
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