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Thread: The Incompetence and Mindless Buffoonery of Donald in the ASAP Rocky Case

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    The Incompetence and Mindless Buffoonery of Donald in the ASAP Rocky Case

    Yes, the president of the United States really did write the following petulant, whiny, manipulative, ignorant and entertainingly stupid things:

    Just spoke to @KanyeWest about his friend A$AP Rocky’s incarceration. I will be calling the very talented Prime Minister of Sweden to see what we can do about helping A$AP Rocky. So many people would like to see this quickly resolved!
    Very disappointed in Prime Minister Stefan Löfven for being unable to act. Sweden has let our African American Community down in the United States. I watched the tapes of A$AP Rocky, and he was being followed and harassed by troublemakers. Treat Americans fairly! #FreeRocky
    Give A$AP Rocky his FREEDOM. We do so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Sweden should focus on its real crime problem! #FreeRocky
    And here is former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, writing in response:

    The rule of the law applies to everyone equally and is exercised by an independent judiciary. That’s the way it is in the US, and that’s certainly the way it is in Sweden. Political interference in the process is distinctly off limits! Clear?
    Apparently, after seeing part of a video and speaking to ASAP Rocky's family and a couple of celebrity friends, that was enough for Donald to decide that he was innocent and should be immediately released before a formal investigation could be concluded. Not only that, but he expected the Swedish PM to circumvent the police and courts to spring poor Rocky. Well, this is how things are done in autocratic countries and, apparently, how Donald would like things done in America and Sweden.

    This is yet another illustration of how incompetent and in over his head Donald is as president.

    Can somebody with his temperament and mindset make an effective president despite his flaws?

    No. Absolutely not.

    One final note. This week ASAP Rocky was in fact found guilty by a Swedish court and given a suspended sentence:

    Remember: Generalissimo Donald is watching you. By the way, that's a real nice country you've got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

    Tя☭mp, when he thinks back on all the suckers he scammed throughout his life who either did business with him or who voted for him.

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