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Thread: Lynch: A History

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    Lynch: A History

    One word fills half the screen: Buffalo.

    Its arrival is accompanied by a big, dark chord in the soundtrack.

    Obviously, Buffalo was not Marshawn Lynch's favorite place to live.

    That's certainly understandable. He had three seasons with the Bills during which he ran well but got into a hit-and-run mess in the wee small hours in Chippewa's bar district. A private settlement was reached, and he pleaded guilty to a charge. His license was revoked.

    No one was under the impression the event was trivial.

    According to David Shields' fascinating film "Lynch: A History," which hits iTunes in a couple weeks and will be shown around the country in various cities (Buffalo is not yet one of them), neither Lynch nor the Bills was sorry to say goodbye. In the Bills' next draft, they opted for C.J. Spiller, which Lynch obviously read as handwriting on the wall.

    None of that is what "Lynch: A History" is about. Nor is it about the travails in snowy Buffalo of Oakland's native son. It's about athletes and race, and it's smart and provocative.
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    of course its about race. clickity-click-click

    marshawn wasnt the worst ghetto trash ive ever seen but he sure af had one foot in the can when he got here
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