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Thread: No change, no deal in offing for Texans franchise player Jadeveon Clowney - ( Should Buffalo trade for Clowney? )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo13 View Post
    This does not work. You site two examples and sure, the Giants played great defensively in both Super Bowls. But building and maintaining a defense that can do those things to Brady is costly, easily derailed by injury, and also sometimes just doesn't work.

    Meanwhile, scoring more points would not only increase our ability to beat New England, but also every other team we face. This teams problem is not defense. The defense was good last year and I think it could be better this year. Invest the money and resources where we are weak and that's offense.

    If the Bills want to really improve by trading resources, they should try to trade for a proven, modern and efficient offensive play caller. We haven't had one in forever. If you get the new Warren Sharp book, which I highly recommend you do, you'll see it aptly points out area after area where Buffalo just uses out-dated philosophies and techniques.

    In short, what we would need to give for Clowney, who I don't even think is that great of a pass rusher and is also a HUGE risk to get lazy, would pay little dividends for us. On the other hand, I'll bet we could find an offensive player that would help us twice as much for less than half the cost if they really wanted to.
    In addition to those 2 how about Seattle going to 2 and winning 1 SB. How about Denver's SB win. And what about the Ravens? All teams that were lead to the SB by their defense. More so than that the Bills are in a position with a rookie pay scale QB to add salary now while their QB is cheap. This means when guys with all pro ability may come available you get them because you will never have a team as talented as one with a rookie salary qb.

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    There are certainly NFL teams in worse shape at the defensive end position than the Buffalo Bills. Both Trent Murphy and Jerry Hughes are effective players off the edge and Shaq Lawson is a solid player to bring in to spell either guy.

    While Murphy and Hughes are good players, though, Clowney would be an upgrade over either and give the Bills a truly scary blend of athleticism up front on defense.

    Buffalo selected defensive tackle Ed Oliver, a physical marvel at the position, in the first round of the 2019 draft. Putting Clowney alongside Oliver on the defensive line would be a nightmare for opposing offenses trying to keep up with that level of speed and explosiveness, and for that reason General Manager Beane picked up the phone decided a discussion was required from Buffalo – the outcome of that conversation is unknown, but it would seem that the Bills are definitely doing their due diligence in the matter.

    The Bills adding Clowney would be a move that could truly take the Buffalo defense to an elite level.
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