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    Quote Originally Posted by HipKat View Post
    Hating all things ghetto is usually attributed to Black people, although all things ghetto means ALL things ghetto, but that’s why I say borderline
    i guess i dont understand this part

    in our current version of capitalism and social structure, there would always be poor people. some of them are just due to bad luck, an illness in the family that saps all their resources, a fire that devours everything they worked and saved for, etc.

    truth be told, theres also always going to be dumb people. everyone has their own gifts, but sometimes those gifts dont translate into much of an income potential. and then you just have the immoral, selfish, criminal fucks that leave a wake of pain and destruction behind them

    so naturally, ghettos of all types form. the classic is the trailer park ghettos, of which is basically where i come from. we never lived in an actual trailer, we lived in a hunting cabin that was converted into a shabby little house by adding plumbing and a couple more rooms, but its still not too much better than a shack. my father worked his butt off to rise from a common laborer to a senior superintendent. we used hand-me-down clothes and shopped at goodwill, until i go older and my dad made enough to go to the fancy places like kmart and sears. most of the people within a few miles where i lived were in a similar situation

    now the black ghettos are a different story. ANY subset of people who were brutalized like blacks were in america would eventually have a lot of their population turn to desperate means like various levels of illegal activity. black ghettos in general really are much worse than most white ghettos, but whites didnt have to deal with the crippling institutional racism that pushed a lot of desperate blacks off the edge. they still need to be held accountable for their choices, but you can see why black ghettos ended up the way they did

    but i dont understand why you think ALL of the ghetto is ALL bad. thats just patently false. theres a TON of good people in the ghettos, that for one reason or another are trapped there. for some of them its their own fault, making terrible decisions and choosing terrible lifestyles. for others, its just bad luck and not enough skills to pull themselves out. and for others, yes its just laziness and the unwillingness to apply themselves fully to making a contributory life for themselves

    so i guess my question is, how can you broadbrush ALL of the ghetto, when i know for a fact there are many millions of very good and decent black folks just stuck there for whatever reason? that just seems like an unreasonable and unrealistic position to take
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    Maybe I should define what I mean by Ghetto. I’m talking about bad fucking a rap music. I’m talking about the pants around the fucking knees, you know that prison faggot shit that fucking ghetto ass Niggas think is cool? I’m talking about that stupid fucking ghetto slang. I’m talking about being stupid is cooler than being smart. I’m talking about ghetto violence. I’m talking about drug culture, neck tattoos, broken families, prison glorification, do I really need to go on or are you getting the picture yet?

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