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Thread: The Sabres use an analytic approach to increase season ticket pricing

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    The Sabres use an analytic approach to increase season ticket pricing

    Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - The Sabres have sent out renewal invoices to their season ticket holders and there is a new approach to their price scale.

    Last season, there was no increase in ticket prices, but this season, they’re using an analytic based approach to raise prices.

    In the past, the team would just raise prices by a percentage across board. Now, an analytic system is being used across the NHL and it gives them a price scale depending on where you sit.

    For example, if you’re in a section where the Sabres shoot twice, your ticket will go up more than people in sections at the other end. Once the team comes up with what sections are more prime than others, they then set the increases. Nobody’s ticket will go up more than five-percent. The average price will go up 2.45-percent.

    Last season, the average season ticket price was just north of $58. Season ticket holders will have one less game to pay for this season because of the November home game in Sweden. Two preseason games are priced into the package.

    The most expensive seat this coming season is in the 200 club level and will cost $124.50.

    The least expensive season ticket is the 300 level V and VI going for $25 per-seat. The team has 15 sections that are variably priced.

    Season ticket holders will continue to get 2.5% back in "Sabrebucks", special concession pricing and 20% off at the Sabres Store.

    The team will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of the franchise, and there will be some one-time benefits tied in with that. Don’t forget this is the 50th anniversary of the team, but only its 49th season because of the 2004-05 lockout where the whole season was lost.

    Season ticket holders got the first look at the 50th anniversary logo with a magnet they got with their invoice.

    The Amerks had been playing one game in Buffalo, but that is not happening this year. To compensate season ticket holders, they’re getting one voucher per seat for a Rochester game of their choice.
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