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    Quote Originally Posted by Meathead View Post
    fish are going to be one of the worst teams in the league this year so the media circus certainly wouldnt hurt them

    besides, kaepercz7nick was getting worse the more he played so there isnt much of a threat hes going to lift the team on his afro
    Kapernick was successful in a pistol option offense where Greg Roman was the OC. Roman is now using a very similar offense in Baltimore with Lamar Jackson.

    In the right offense, Kaepernick can be tough to defend. Same thing for Lamar Jackson.
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    I hope the Fins sign him. He's the QB they deserve.

    Quote Originally Posted by seandelevan View Post
    Fuck this team

    Quote Originally Posted by StraightJ View Post
    I'll tie a frying pan to my ass so you hurt your penis, you ****ing homo!

    Quote Originally Posted by BertSquirtgum View Post
    Shut the fuck up dark cloud pussy

    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejays View Post
    Anyone who is foolish enough to not be a Buffalo Bills fan can go f*ck themselves with a wooden shovel handle.

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    Please oh please sign him up Miami...guaranteed 2 wins in the books next season...than only another 8 to get us to 10-6 at least...hopefully more....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guinnessron View Post
    Fuck that guy. If he gets hired he should be required to rescind the settlement because he then clearly WAS NOT colluded against.
    That's a lot of speculation on your part and a dollar will get you fuck all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurmal View Post
    If he wants to play, why doesn't he say so?

    I don't think he wants to play this year; and I don't think he wanted to play in 2017 or 2018. Don't think he wants to play in 2020 either. Martyrdom is lost if he comes back.
    He's made some pretty decent money being retired.....

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    Thurmal (03-16-19)

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    the lamar jackson magic is going to last until he breaks an ankle or something

    its always the same with those kinds of running qbs. they can be spectacular and win as long as they got healthy wheels. but the act of running puts them in constant danger that eventually ALWAYS catches up to them

    i dont see lamar jackson as being successful as a pocket passer

    of course you could also make the same points about josh allen. i think the difference is allen has a perfect fooball arm and an intense drive to improve. whenever his accuracy problems crop up its ALWAYS bc he gets lazy with his feet. im sure they will spend the offseason drilling him into the ground to be patient and get those feet planted properly, and i think youll see his short/medium accuracy improve dramatically. plus hes got a dramatically upgraded line in front of him so he wont have to be dodging missiles all the time now
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