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Thread: Beane is pissed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo13 View Post
    You think that the GM handles free agents but not the draft? What makes you think that?
    I'm sure McDermott will give his opinion on players he likes or thinks are good fits on offense or defense, but Beane is the GM and talent evaluator.

    Beane and McDermott work will together because they know each other from there time in Carolina, but Beane is in charge of the draft and free agency.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Topas View Post
    Sean, are you kidding me. You are quoting an article that should prove that Beane is not the boss of McDermott at a time when Beane was not with the Bills. Guess what? In apr 2017 Beane was actually not McDermotts boss. That is right. Lol

    Disclaimer: I could not open the wgr article because apparently you cannot open it from Germany ...
    Exactly McDermott was hired before Beane, and McDermott has more input in the 2017 draft because of that. Beane was offically signed to the GM after the 2017 draft.

    Both people were hired by Kim Pegula and Terry Pegula as it's there team and there money on the line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiterateStylish View Post
    Beane is definitely NOT McD's boss.

    For f sake, McD HIRED Beane.
    The Buffalo Bill's hired Beane to fill their GM vacancy. And if it came down to it Beane would fire McDermott, because GM's fire coaches all the time.

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    Oh no, Brandon Beane is pissed... Every run away in fear......
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