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Thread: The Patriots have cracked the code on how to consistently kick everyone else’s asses - And it's not cheating

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    Quote Originally Posted by SackMan518 View Post
    A very wise announcer once told me that if you score more points than the other team you win the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by seandelevan View Post
    Fuck this team

    Quote Originally Posted by StraightJ View Post
    I'll tie a frying pan to my ass so you hurt your penis, you ****ing homo!

    Quote Originally Posted by BertSquirtgum View Post
    Shut the fuck up dark cloud pussy

    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejays View Post
    Anyone who is foolish enough to not be a Buffalo Bills fan can go f*ck themselves with a wooden shovel handle.

  2. Rock on:

    SackMan518 (02-11-19)

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