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Thread: The next 19 Games

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    The next 19 Games

    19 Games until the NHL trade deadline and the Sabres are now fighting in the Wild Card Mix.

    If this team doesn't find some secondary scoring soon, they could be sellers and not buyers at the deadline.

    I'm not OK with doing nothing. It's time to mortgage a bit of the future to build some 2nd/3rd line scoring OR shake it up. I truly believe that Mittelstadt is on track to become a solid second line C. He's not going to get there playing 4th line minutes. He's young and needs to sink or swim. I feel they should take some of the C responsibilities off of his shoulder and have him play some wing.

    Maybe it's time to pull a complete line out of Rochester and give them a game or two if transfer rules allow.

    If they don't go better than .500 over the next 5 games, yes - It's time to panic and pull the trigger on something.

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    I don't think they need to panic but I think it does them a lot of value to make the playoffs.

    With that being said I would trade a mid round pick/ prospect for a rental like Wayne Simmonds of Mark Stone who you could possibly resign if he fits and he wants to be here.

    If they want to do a move like this they should do it right after the ASG and get that scoring in here ASAP.

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