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Thread: Seattle Study’s Shocking Conclusion: Minimum Wage Increases Benefits Workers

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    Quote Originally Posted by foster View Post
    Until there's 100% coverage, whether through private health plans or a government provided health system, the system will not be efficient as those that are uncovered will always be provided care at the expense of those that are covered.

    The goal of the original Obamacare proposal was to have 100% coverage through the private health care insurers (along with the VA, Medicare/Medicaid).
    Yes... and it was a disaster. All it did was provide a bonanza of guaranteed cash income to the insurance companies who, with their newly captive audience, increased the rates on everyone. To promote competition they should have opened it up across state lines as well as sticking it to the pharmaceutical companies.

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    it was a disaster bc the republicans intentionally sabotaged it, starting with withholding the payments to doctors that took low income patients and intentionally removing a keystone in the system. that was the main reason rates increased, bc doctors werent seeing the lower income patients and getting paid properly, including the extra funding from the govt in the original plan, they had to raise rates to account for the shortfall. republicans knew this, thats exactly why and how they started sabotaging it intentionally. they did this many times in different ways and intentionally rotted it from the inside simply bc they could for purely political gain without any conscience as to the results of what they were doing

    think about that: they intentionally sabotaged a system that COULD have worked. they did immoral things that made people literally die, millions more remain sick and at risk when they didnt have to be

    what the republicans did to obamacare was the single most revolting, disgusting, inhumane act ive ever seen from our congress

    and when they had the chance to fix it what did they do? rolled out two comically garbage plans that were an utter embarrassment to any morally grounded thinking person

    i would spit in the face of any congressperson who supported such evil and selfish behavior
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