Decepticon caucus senator-elect Mitt Romney (U-DC) appears on CNN to outline why he stands in opposition to President Donald Trump. Understanding the unspoken background color here is important.

The Decepticon Caucus in the senate is comprised of senators who represent the interests of Wall Street; and every principle of finance and commerce that intersects with Wall Street’s multinational interests. In essence the Decepticon Caucus is the defensive force protecting the global financial elite; ie. “The Big Club”.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue is the mechanism used by Wall Street multinational banks, corporations and billionaire influence agents to pay the Decepticons to protect their interests. Mitt Romney is the newest member of the Decepticon Caucus and thus he has a role to play.

It’s about money… and power… but mostly money. It’s not necessarily personal opposition to President Trump – though they do despise him. It’s really us they hate.

It’s business, big business; massive multinational business. There are trillions at stake, and U.S. President Donald J Trump is the existential threat to the global financial system. That’s the cornerstone of this opposition.

Wall Street writ large, or, “The Big Club” for lack of a better identity badge, doesn’t directly care about borders, budget battles, immigration or spygate stuff; except where such issues intersect with their financial agenda.

Everything is defined by money.

The concept of a “blue collar billionaire” is antithetical to their world-view. It simply doesn’t make sense. The Big Club cannot understand such Main Street vulgarian concepts. The yellow vests are considered uneducated insignificant annoyances; gnats in disposition.

Wall Street cannot thrive globally if Main Street USA refuses to be exploited. That’s the problem they have with MAGAnomics and President Trump’s America-First policies. Removing President Trump is therefore a necessary action if the global financial elite are to regain their footing.

Too many international Yellow Jacket types are looking at what Donald Trump stands for and finding courage within the common sense. This makes Trump an even bigger risk.

Senator Romney is a singular tool in a rather expansive decepticon toolbox. That tool serves a purpose; but it is only one tool; there are dozens more. The goal is to stop Donald Trump from executing the global economic reset he has already begun. The forces against President Trump are defined by their connection to the global economic system.

The forces allied with U.S. President Donald Trump are defined by how they are exploited by the global economic system. In short this is Wall Street (globalists) -vs- Main Street (nationalists); and the battle is international now.

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