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Thread: Expansion Draft 2021?

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    Expansion Draft 2021?

    Am I the only one that thinks the league needs to relook at how they conduct the expansion draft? Either give the teams more players to protect or have the team give a list of who is up for grabs. I understand that probably nothing would help a new franchise more than going to a cup final in their first year but its BS that they fleece all the other teams to do it.

    The NHL has
    approved Seattle for an expansion team
    to become the 32nd franchise in the league. With a new expansion team comes another expansion draft. However, unlike the Vegas expansion draft, the Buffalo Sabres might see themselves in a more vulnerable position the second time around.
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    Only thing I don't like about the expansion draft is that Vegas does not have to give up any talent.

    Also I think teams be smart to just protect their guys and not deal picks and what not to Vegas to protect certain players on top of your already protected list.

    Just let Seattle take one player from your non protected list and call it a day.

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