This season is the make or just miss the playoff's. Team is young, they have talent now...but they need to develop chemistry and experience. Eichel and Rhineheart are there already, so is Skinner. Mittlestat, Thomson, Dahleen are about a year or two out from peaking. They are playing decent to good right now but the best is yet to come. Sabres are in a really really good place right now. They have a top scoring line that is great. There second line needs to get better, which I think they will but will take some time. 3rd and 4th line are solid as well.
Depth wise the sabres have ton's of talent but no room to get them on the roster (yet). Guhle is a top 4 defenseman but they want to develop him in AHL as there is no room for him yet. I think there are 3 or 4 D men on the Amerks that can be 2nd pair D men! Plus the 2nd round pick we took last year could be a top line pair guy. I think last years draft stocked the Blue line for the next decade with talent. Risto and Dahleen, McCabe and Bogosian give the Sabres solid top pairings.
Now looking at the future....sabres have 3 first round picks which will more than likely be 2 first round picks this year and 2 next year (as St Louis is terrible). I think the Sabres are building a dynasty like the Red Wings had 10 years ago. Very smart gm just doing the right things.