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Thread: Make it Eight!

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    Make it Eight!

    8 in a row puts us 1st in the Conference, 1 pt out of first in the league. Awesome game tonight!!!
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    seandelevan (11-23-18)

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    Did they steal that one too?


    Orinally Posted by seandelevan
    A Bills fan could have gone into a coma in 2000, just woke up, and be shocked that he had not missed a thing!!! HAHAHAHA

    I nominate this post of the month, maybe more. Seriously, seriously it encapsulates everything of importance in one sentence. An indie film maker could possibly do well with that concept. -StraightJ 10/7/12

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    If by "best" you mean "most grumpy and dickish," then yes, happy birthday.

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    HipKat (11-24-18)

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