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Thread: Do not post in this forum

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    Do not post in this forum

    Admin has made the decision to create a separate politics forum

    unfortunately, the PR&S link at the top of every page links to THIS forum, which is NOT the Politics Only forum that Admin created

    further, the system will NOT allow me to move threads from here to the Politics Only forum, telling me I'm trying to move the thread(s) to the same place they already are. and weirdly enough, if you click on PR&S and then look at the top of the page it says you are in the Politics Only forum! its like we have TWO Politics Only forums that are somehow linked together with the PR&S button! VERY confusing. so something is fubared in the system

    if you post here it most likely will get ignored. until they fix the PR&S button at the top of the page, you MUST click on Politics Only in the Hardcore Bills Talk forum to post new threads to the official (?) Politics Only forum


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