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Facts ALL haven't come out yet so this very well could go in any direction at all...but so far the order of events was...Lady calls Police says she was robbed....thinks it could be her ex-boyfriend.....everyone jumps to the conclusion she HA to be telling the truth!!!!!!!!!!! lets NOT let the facts all come out first!!!! those pesky facts..always getting in the way! then things stay on hold for about a day..and it comes out that AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO(AKA LAST YEAR) McCoy after a non confrontational argument that he thinks his ex may file a false domestic abuse charge and he wants nothing more to do with her...normally people dont say stuff like this a year before and then all of a sudden a year later..WOW one gets filed...look i wasnt there have no idea.. but I dont think id be going THAT far out on a limb to think she must have said something during a argument to make him get that she could file a false domestic abuse charge into POLICE RECORD a entire year before anything went on......maybe something to the effect of I could ruin your life you know..all i need to do is...then make up anything fake news about any kind of threats and or violence......then

BAM her attorney finds out that he filed this report(he(McCoy) A YEAR AGO probably never told her he filed this so she couldn't tell her attorney up front...why would he tell her no real reason...now all of a sudden they(the chicks Attourney/team) start putting out stuff like "we didnt ever directly link McCoy to this attack" say he did it then this comes out also "Delicia Cordon's attorney told CBS News on Friday that her client is no longer certain that #Bills RB LeSean McCoy was involved in attack" Gee strange timing that these 2 statements only come out AFTER McCoy proves he said she may/could file false charges..not now...BUT A YEAR AGO....the timing seems awful lol....

Look McCoy could have done this...he doesnt seem very bright and seems to me like one of those guys thats in the NFL but wants to "live" the "gangsta" lifestyle.....so NOTHING here would surprise me im laughing about the TIMING of these events....and how the chicks defense team is all of a sudden backpeddling furiously after they got this Police Report mcCoy made lol....sure I agree McCoy could very well have done this but I find the drama VERY funny

And yeah I get both sides have a VALID argument..as its also very strange how stuff goes missing the very stuff mcCoy wants back lol...... but I think this Hood Rat drama is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont care either way what goes on when its all said and done...I dont care if McCoy gets canned I dont care if he keeps playing its not like all of a sudden with or without him the Bills are either IN or OUT of the playoffs..ive thought since last year this was another lost year of regression but regression to BUILD..and I STILL think in 2-3 years we are drafting a QB to be "The Guy" because Allen I think will crash and burn...I just dont see how a guy with a awesome arm but that more or less was mediocre to BLAH in college in a shit division vs (mostly) other shit opponents didnt light it up...he was fully mediocre..I expect the same in the NFL Kyle Boller,Patrick Ramsey I introduce you to your newest member of the Big Arm no talent aside from that group! but for me this is just some awesome drama in a year your going nowhere anyways.