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Thread: Well, now what?

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    2 months left, how does everyone feel? Camp will be very important to get this group on the same page. Not sure if we addressed the D enough yet but we shall see.
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    The D group will be better than last year barring a rash of injuries. I tell you Casey Mittlestadt is a stud, I am glad he is getting a year in college though to put some weight on his frame but man can that dude dance. I think we are a wild card team this season, not quite ready for a deep playoff run but just getting to the dance can be enough.

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    It's all about the D. This team will go as far as the D will take them. Bottom of the league in shots allowed last season, this was a disorganized slow footed D last season. No transition game.

    There should actually be some competition for spots with Antipin, Beaulieu, Scandella. Then you have Risto, McCabe. Possibly Guhle?

    If Housley can do what I think he can do, then there is a much better season ahead on D

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