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Thread: OBAMA CARE finally explained

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikgaes View Post
    LOL. It's YOU that is clueless. Obama had NO influence over heath care costs. Period. Lke he has no control over gas prices and Trump can't take credit for the current economy. If you think so, you're stupid.

    As for health care, it was the private insurance companies getting together in a back room and colluding to set prices. It had NOTHING to do with Obama.
    Not clueless, Obama promised we could keep our same doctors and costs would go down. I'm sure you can find a youtube of his BS. Before Obama Sickcare, I could go to my functional doctor. Now, functional doctors won't take insurance. It would actually be cheaper for me to pay as I go, because I go out of network every single time. Yes, these are facts, and if you don't think so, please send me the difference I have to pay.

    Your hero will be tried for treason soon along with Hillary, Comey and the 7th floor of the FBI. These were a big part of the uranium sale, selling weapons to terrorist, need I go on. One more, since it is health related. He passed a law stating that "If GMO's were found unsafe in the future", Monsato would not be liable. Why would we need such a law to be considered if they are safe.

    You need to get off the Fake News and educate yourself.

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