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Forum Rules

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Complete Registration' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

Forum Rules

Registration to The Buffalo Range is free! We do require that you agree to the rules and policies detailed below and in the Terms Of Service. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

Although the administrators and moderators of [ARG:2 UNDEFINED] will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of [ARG:2 UNDEFINED], nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.


The purpose of the TOS is to keep all our forums as fan friendly as possible. We expect and encourage passionate discussion and different views on all our favorite teams and players, but also expect all discussions to be civil and friendly. The staff reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service, as it becomes necessary, in order to maintain civility on the message board.

1. Each visitor may own a single registered account. The BuffaloRange Staff screens and approves all new accounts. Duplicate accounts are prohibited, and the Staff employs security measures to enforce this policy. Duplicate accounts may immediately be closed (i.e., banned). Do not create additional registered accounts to bypass an issued ban absent compelling circumstances. Any attempt to circumvent any moderating action by registering a secondary account may result in a permanent banishment of all related accounts.
2. Use discretion in selecting an appropriate username. Do not attempt to register inappropriate usernames, including, but not limited to, racial slurs, profanity and vulgarity (explicit or implicit). New user accounts with inappropriate usernames will not be activated. Offenders may be contacted by BuffaloRange Staff and advised to select an appropriate username. Registration of user names of actual Bills coaches, players, media, or front office personnel (past or present) is prohibited. If you are not Fred Davis, do not register that as your user name.
Posting in a way that suggests some association, relationship, employment or any other affiliation (including statements expressing your identity is that of a player, owner, coach, executive, former player, etc.) should be avoided until your identity is verified by a member of the BuffaloRange Staff. Please send a PM so we can verify your identity if applicable.
3. Spam is strictly prohibited. The following are some examples of what BR considers spam: Very short posts that do not add value to the topic. Example: posts with only the words, "I dunno," or "lol cool," or "in before close" or a quote of a post with only "smileys" added, or simply the word "this" and an upward arrow or "x2" added. If that is the only contribution you have to make to the discussion, this is not the place for you. Double Posting. A double post constitutes back-to-back posts by the same member. The second post may be considered spam. If you make an error while submitting a post, or realize you would like to elaborate further, please use the "edit" button/function (located at the lower right of each post) to modify the original rather than create an additional post. An exception to the rule applies when a member wants to address the content of separate individual posts from different members. For example, the first point addresses the content of member A's post; the subsequent post addresses the content of member B's post. Posts that serve no apparent purpose other than to increase one's post count. For example, if someone asks a question and you reply just to say you don't know the answer, or create "test" threads or posts, this will be considered spam. If you want to test your signature picture/text, you can do that in any thread where you have already posted. Every time you edit and save a change in your Profile, simply hit your browser’s "refresh" button in a thread in which you have posted. Your account will have been updated across every post you have ever written. Please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate and unacceptable on any of our forums.
4. Please post your message in the appropriate forum. Familiarize yourself with each forum description. Please be considerate and respectful to our visitors who frequent particular forums to gain knowledge on particular topics. Resist the temptation to post irrelevant topics in an inappropriate forum to achieve a wider audience. Moderators may move your post if it's more relevant to another forum or administer a penalty.
5. Your default position is to be respectful of your fellow members in your posts. Upon registering, every member agrees to not post inappropriate material or topics. This includes content which is knowingly false, defamatory, deceptive, inaccurate, racist, insulting, abusive, inflammatory, vulgar, hateful, obscene, profane, sexually graphic, or physically threatening. It also includes posting anything invasive of another member's personal privacy outside of their posted content on BR, or in violation of any law including any stalking or otherwise harassing any member. Such material connected to the poster's life beyond what they willingly post on BR is a particularly serious violation. Free debate within the parameters outlined is welcome, and diversity of opinion is vital to a good debate. Every member is free to post their own opinion on the topic/subject of the thread without sanction, as long as the way it's expressed does not violate forum rules. As you debate your fellow members we request you maintain contact with the content of the discussion within each reply, especially as any exchange becomes more heated. We encourage spirited discussions and holding people accountable for what they post. This may be done in ways from funny to firm, including being castigating if reasonably merited. For example, calling someone "clueless" or calling some comment or post “stupid” when done in appropriate and justifiable context to the poster’s actual content is often allowable. This is most safely done when in response to a specifically posted comment using the "quote" feature or in accurate reference to a poster’s general content in various threads over time on a given topic. Such castigations must not be excessive, and the reaction should be such as may normally be expected by an average reader with a strongly opposing and reasonably informed opinion. If you're unsure, being civil is the safest course. You will rarely go wrong by going after the views of the poster more than the poster's character or personality as you see it. Moderators determine any actions to be taken if needed. Bottom line--do as you choose and so will the moderators. We are not seeking to favor some genteel "tea & crumpets" gathering or some dry and ponderous book club discussion forum. Nor are we seeking some gratuitously flaming cage-match atmosphere in our threads. Understand that moderators have wide latitude in defining and enforcing this rule. For this and all matters related to moderation, we suggest close inspection of Rule 18.
6. Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filters. Type in your word and let the filters do their job of substituting asterisks for letters. Then check your post to see if all profanity was filtered. Veiled or "subtle" attempts at using profanity are unacceptable. We allow the use of either all asterisks/symbols or none at all. For example "****" and "*&*%$" are acceptable, while “s**t” or “sh*t" are not. Members quoting profanity filter violations (or other rule violations) without editing the violation out of the quote are simply creating another violation of this Rule and may be penalized accordingly.
7. Ensure the topic you wish to initiate a thread about hasn’t already been posted. If you are reporting Bills "news" or "rumors" more than a few minutes old, please use the Search Feature or scan the first two pages of the forum before posting, to ensure the news hasn't already been posted and the topic discussed. If the BR Search Feature seems to be ineffective, use this option. Multiple topics may be closed or merged and other penalties may be applied. This is a very large and active community, with sweeping media coverage and up-to-the-minute updates. More than likely, most news/information has already been posted and is the subject of discussion in existing threads. Most current and relevant topics usually have any number of variations active in threads at any given time. If you wish to discuss that topic, you are encouraged to do so in one of those existing threads. Violations of any thread-starting rule may land you in the On Vacation Usergroup, commonly referred to as 'Suspended', and you may find yourself unable to start new threads. You will also see that designation appear in text under your User Name. To remedy that circumstance, click on this link and carefully read and thoroughly follow the instructions exactly as described. Contacting Staff with questions about why you can't start threads after anything less than doing so may "fall on deaf ears."
8. Please use descriptive and accurate topic titles for your thread. Adherence to this rule assists visitors in utilizing discretion when selecting content to read. It serves to notify members if a particular topic has already been posted and discussed and potentially prevents multiple threads on the exact same topic. Be respectful of the fact that some people come to BuffaloRange explicitly for latest Bills news and content, without the editorializing of titles by members. We are having a preponderance of threads being started, particularly in the Stadium forum, where a title of 2 to 3 non-descriptive words is used. This shows a lack of courtesy to your fellow members. With an ever-increasing number of new threads every day, and an expanding member base, members become more selective about which threads to open and spend their time reading, and which ones to bypass. They cannot do that if the thread titles are 'Guess what?', 'Hey, I just noticed...', or 'WTF!' You are also creating extra work for the Staff who, instead of just merging redundant, repetitive threads based on accurate titles, now has to open each one up and try and figure out where it belongs. So, regardless of the forum, if your thread title is simply "Santana Moss" or any other person's name and nothing else, you may find yourself in the No New Threads group. In all our forums, we expect accurate and clear descriptions of your topic in your title.
9. False posts or misleading subject titles are prohibited. Deception at the expense of the audience devalues the medium and the content it provides. Enforcement is at the discretion of the moderators. Exceptions are sometimes made for humorous titles, for instance, but any risk is on the poster. As will all rules, if you're unsure it is suggested you err on the side of caution.
10. Adhere to BR policies on using headlines/content from other websites to start a new thread or to add to an existing thread. When posting anything concerning news articles from outside sources or using any website as part of the topic please include a direct link (i.e., URL) to the original page/site. Paste the URL directly atop the post, above a small portion of the article's text (for example, the lead paragraph or a particular sentence or two). Such a practice provides credibility and attribution to the source of the information, and allows visitors the option to visit the respective websites. You are responsible for the content you post. If you are posting a published article from a news source, please title your thread in the following format: "SOURCE SHORTFORM: HEADLINE" (Ex. WP: Bills Name Mike Shanahan New Head Coach). If the source is a blog or a chain e-mail, put "blog" or "chain e-mail" at the beginning of the thread title. Please see our copyright statement. If you're adding content from any website to an existing thread, do not post large sections of that content. Just post the link and a brief section that is relevant to the point the content is intended to support.
11. Please do not use the “Quote” feature to quote any large sections of text. It unnecessarily extends and clutters threads and is annoying. If you would like to respond to the contents of a particular post, simply quote the sentence or idea that you're commenting upon, not the entire post if it's lengthy. When a member uses the quote feature there will be a blue arrow in it that looks like this-- --simply click on it. It may open an "extra" window that will show only that arrow icon, so close that, and then you will see the full version of the original post right above yours.
12. No trolling. Beware of making baiting posts. Do not post comments that are fundamentally inflammatory, or of little substantive content, or of some broadly insulting nature that serve primarily to incite your fellow members. BuffaloRange has always prided itself on its zero tolerance policy for the common internet troublemaker. Trolls come in many forms and will be identified and censured at the discretion of the BR Staff. We are seeking a better level of conversation than just habitual drive-bys, being simplistically insulting, or gratuitously flaming various well-established points of view regardless of how strongly they may differ from yours.
13. Please refrain from including overly explicit material in posts. This includes, but is not limited to, overly violent, obscene, or sexual content in any media form--- including text, pictures, gifs, audio clips, or videos. Use discretion, and err on the side of caution in instances where material you are considering posting might be considered “over the line.” A significant quantity of our traffic visits occur during work hours, are made in public environments, and are made by individuals less than 18 years of age. This is a board open to all, including entire families of all ages of Bills fans, and it is the official board of The Buffalo Bills. Show pride and respect for that fact and give thought to what you post on BR. If you are in doubt about something you're about to post, simply don't post it. Members quoting posts that include such violations (or other rule violations) without editing the violation out of the quote are simply creating another violation of this Rule and may be penalized accordingly.
14. Refrain from posting explicit material in your signature. This includes sexually explicit or implicit (hardcore/softcore pornography, animated pictures, written language, etc.) content. There shall be no full/partial frontal or full rear nudity. This rule is strictly enforced.
15. Please maintain respectable size signatures within the limitations set herein. Maintaining reasonable size signatures minimizes the amount of load time needed to access a given page. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of excessive scrolling required of users perusing threads. Signatures should not exceed 550 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height. These dimensions are not a guideline, they are a rule. It is the standard dimension for the entire signature size a member can use. Regardless of the quantity of photos posted, the sum area of all the photos must not exceed the stated size limitations. In addition, signatures should not contain any more than 10 lines of text. The sum total of the height (i.e. 200 pixels) INCLUDES text or any combination of images and text. An example is provided below:
16. REFRAIN FROM POSTING IN ALL CAPITALS. On the internet, posting in all capitals is considered shouting, and as such is considered rude and offensive. Overuse of capital letters also creates a strain on the eyesight, and makes it difficult to read text. Caps should be used to show emphasis for only one or two words.
17. Do not create “call out” threads. These are threads whose intention is clearly to "call out" another particular member on a personal matter beyond their posted content on BR. These forums are not to be used as a medium for personal attacks or private vendettas. To the extent personal exchanges/conversations are necessary---and desired by BOTH parties---those members are encouraged to pursue them via Private Messaging. Feel free to question members as to past comments you’d like them to explain in the spirit of good debate. Do not use private messaging to badger or intimidate other members. Substantiated instances of such behavior will result in the immediate loss of private messaging privileges for the instigator, and may result in permanent banning from BuffaloRange.
18. Adhere to the directives and recommendations of the BuffaloRange Staff. Moderators are appointed because they exemplify the characteristics, attitude, and values consistent with the standards set for the site. They are chosen from the membership by existing Staff after much observation. They have been instructed to enforce board rules, guidelines, and policies, exercising as much restraint as deemed appropriate, and in such a way to encourage free expression of opinion. They have been entrusted and empowered with the ability and authority to achieve desired standards for the site. They are charged with operating in the best interest of the BR community. If any member becomes a significant enough source of repeated conduct issues with BR Staff, or their fellow members, or accumulates an excessive number of rule violations, or engages in problematic behaviors otherwise determined to be unacceptable to the standards we seek, they risk permanent banning of their account at the discretion of the BuffaloRange Staff. BuffaloRange allows a wide range of discussion. We will never remove content from our community based on our personal views of the validity of that opinion. The team will not prevent any communication that is harsh or critical of the team. Refrain from unfounded charges of censorship regarding any moderator action taken against a member on the grounds an BuffaloRange Staffer (or team official) simply didn’t like the content of the opinion. If you receive a moderating action and happen to have expressed a viewpoint in opposition to that of an BR Staff member, the action is due to an actual rule violation and not due to the content of the differing viewpoint. BR Staff members have opinions and may express them with all the rights of any member. Any Staff member's viewpoints that may be contrary to those of any other member are never the grounds for any action against that member. Unfounded charges of bias are not tolerated. These Rules and Guidelines have been promulgated and implemented with the best interest of the community in mind, and with years of experience moderating one of the most active and successful sports-related message boards on the web. We thank you for your attention and cooperation in learning and respecting the Rules. We experience our share of people who do not understand the meaning of the Rules, or have chosen not to learn or follow them, and sometimes choose to challenge or debate the moderators on their implementation. Any suggestion that the people who wrote the Rules and enforce them know them less than you can result in a temporary ban. If you have a disagreement with an action regarding your account, you may PM a moderator. Please be patient waiting for a reply. Members should use the Feedback Forum for any general comments you may have regarding board management on any matter. Do not engage in "hijacking" a thread by commenting on such matters in off-topic fashion within a thread. It is also suggested that if a moderator's action doesn't directly involve you, then it's best to consider it none of your business. Normally, we will not discuss matters involving moderator actions on one member with some other member just because they ask, or have an opinion on the matter. Moderators may, however, make such material available in a thread if they so choose, or may solicit such feedback in a thread, if they determine it appropriate. Thank you and we look forward to your participation. BuffaloRange Staff < The staff will usually attempt to contact a member/poster when a violation of the TOS occurs. Those members/posters who fail to respond to warnings and/or Private Messages, or otherwise refuse to allow moderators to make contact with them, are subject to staff taking any action they deem necessary, up to, and including, immediate banning. The staff strives to make The Range a place that all can enjoy and we will do everything to ensure that the actions of a few do not ruin the enjoyment of the majority.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owners of [ARG:2 UNDEFINED] reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.