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Terms of Service (TOS)


The purpose of the TOS is to keep all our forums as fan friendly as possible. We expect and encourage passionate discussion and different views on all our favorite teams and players, but also expect all discussions to be civil and friendly. The staff reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service, as it becomes necessary, in order to maintain civility on the message board.

1) No personal attacks or communication that is intended to harass, belittle, humiliate, threaten or cause embarrassment to a fellow member. No name calling. If you have a beef with a member, take it to a private e-mail.

2) No swearing (kids are present, F-Bombs will not be tolerated); no masked profanity.

3) No posting of pornographic material or links to pornographic material.

4) No racist comments. No sexist comments. No derogatory comments referring to the sexual preference of other posters.

5) No posting of entire articles/copyrighted material. Posts containing news stories/article segments must also include author’s name, name of the publication or source, and the URL where the story was found.

6) No spam (junk posts). No repeat threads or multiple posts of the same material.

7) No advertisements unless approved by the staff.

8) Images used in signatures must be less than or equal to 25K (25000 bytes). If you use multiple images in your signature, the total size of these images must be less than or equal to 25K.

9) One account per user. Users who register multiple accounts for the purpose of spamming the boards, posting personal attacks against other members, or otherwise disrupting the normal operation of The Buffalo Range will be banned without warning.

10) Moderators reserve the right to remove any messages that they deem a violation of the terms of service, and to lock and/or delete threads as they see fit.

11) Members that break the TOS can be banned without warning.

If a poster feels that a given post is a Violation of the TOS, he or she may report to the staff by clicking the “Report bad post” icon at the bottom left hand corner of the violating post. All such reports will be looked into as soon as is possible.

The staff will usually attempt to contact a member/poster when a violation of the TOS occurs. Those members/posters who fail to respond to warnings and/or Private Messages, or otherwise refuse to allow moderators to make contact with them, are subject to staff taking any action they deem necessary, up to, and including, immediate banning. The staff strives to make The Range a place that all can enjoy and we will do everything to ensure that the actions of a few do not ruin the enjoyment of the majority.

What are the titles under my avatar?

You are assigned a title based upon the number of posts that you have. Once you hit a posting milestone, you are automatically bumped up to the next level. The levels and minimum number of posts are:

Broom Pusher 1
Ticket Taker 10
Beer Man 25
Waterboy 45
Practice Squad 65
Rookie 85
Backup Player 105
Starter 130
1st Team Veteran Player 250
All Pro 400
Coordinator 550
Head Coach 700
General Manager 1000
Hall of Famer 1500
Franchise Owner 3000
NFL VP 5000
NFL Commissioner 7000
VIP Club Member 10000

If you choose, you may go to the Pro Shop and purchase a Custom Title with your Buffalo Chips that will be displayed in place of the default titles listed above.

Pro Shop / Buffalo Chips

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